The Hunger :: Roasted Lamb with Pistachio and Petals

This flavorful lamb dish is a total show stopper: abundant in fresh herbs and topped with this delicious pistachio sauce.  If you haven’t used fennel pollen before, you can pick some up at Kalyustan’s.
We garnished the dish with borage flowers, which you can find at the union square market this summer.  Full recipe below.

Recipe Courtesy of Camille Becerra
Photographs by Karen Mordechai

Roasted Lamb with Pistachio and Petals

1 bunch each. mint, cilantro, parsley – all large stems removed
4 springs of rosemary – leaves plucked off from main stems
1 bulb of garlic
2 tbl fennel pollen
¾ cup olive oil
2 tbl freshly ground black peppercorn
sea salt

1 medium size leg of lamb, boned

The night before season prep;
1. In a food processor add all the herbs along with 5 cloves of garlic and ¼ c of olive oil to form a paste.
2. Roll out the lamb and spread the fennel pollen, peppercorn and 3/4 herb paste.
3. Roll the leg up loosely with twine.
4. Spread remainder of the paste around the outside and cover and refrigerate overnight.
5. 1 hour before roasting remove from refrigerator so that it can come up to temp.
6. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
7. Halve remainder of garlic cloves, with a small knife puncture wholes throughout the roast and stud it the garlic cloves.
8. Salt the roast liberally and shower it remainder of olive oil.
9. Place in oven- after 3o minutes lower oven to 325 and continue roasting till an internal temp of 120 degrees is reached.
10. Remove and allow to rest for 15-20 minutes before slicing.
Serve with pistachio sauce and petals, we used borage.

Pistachio Sauce

2 c. pistachios, chopped course
1 c. chopped herbs
1/3 c. sherry vinegar
1 c. olive oil
sumac and salt to taste

-Chop pistachios, add vinegar, mix well.
-Add oil, adjust seasonings.

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  2. Michelle says: July 21, 201012:39 pm

    oh my. yes please.

  3. Margo says: July 21, 201012:40 pm

    Oh. my. I will be crowned queen of the cul-de-sac when I bring this dish to our next gathering. Thank you – this dish looks fabulous!!

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  5. Leigh says: July 22, 20107:14 pm

    I’m drooling just looking at this photo…wow, what an amazing looking dish!

  6. Velva says: July 22, 20109:50 pm

    I can see why this lamb was a total show stopper. Awesome.

  7. Beth says: July 23, 20107:00 pm

    Oh my, your dish is so mouth watering delicious!

  8. Yumi @ Natsukashii says: July 24, 20101:22 am

    Oh my goodness! :)

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  10. The Prudent Homemaker says: August 9, 201011:44 pm

    I love it! I always use my borage blossoms on dessert, in drinks, and in salads. For some reason, I’ve never thought to put them on the main course. I have loads of borage blossoms in the garden in the early spring; where I live, they grow all winter and start blooming in February.

  11. Júlia says: September 2, 201010:12 am

    Amo cordeiro!
    Prato lindo…. deve ser uma delícia…
    Gostaria de receber essa receita. Obrigada.
    Um abraço.

  12. Sara says: August 2, 20134:04 pm

    Oh my goodness! My diet is over! lol

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