Snack :: Blueberry Soda, La Tur + Rosemary Raisin Crisps

It’s a mouthful – but it was a big hit at our supper 2 weeks ago. Blueberry soda (recipe below) a wonderfully creamy and tangy cheese: La Tur and these amazing crackers Christine turned us onto from Trader Joe’s.

Blueberry Soda

2 Cups Soda water
1 cup Blueberry Juice
Serve cold and float some blueberries in each cup

  1. Lolo says: April 24, 20124:29 pm

    I am completely smitten with those crackers!! Those crackers + the chicken salad from Costco = pure heaven!
    YUM :)
    Blueberry soda sounds refreshing….I will def try.

  2. stacey snacks says: April 25, 20122:31 pm

    I am crazy about these crisps too!

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  4. Entrevista says: August 2, 20132:54 pm

    Those crisps are awesome! Great snack for the day!

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