Pickled Grapes + a Crostini

Summer temps have us craving fresh + sweet, and as you know, we’re always craving pretty : ). Hence our recent obsession with purple grapes and all the beautiful + yummy things you can do with them. Turns out they are not just for cheese plates. They can be the star of a main course, or a perfect pickle (who knew?). Get excited to for a week filled with purple grapes in many different forms.

Grapes are an unlikely pickle, but so many different fruits shine so brightly with just a little kick of spice + tartness of vinegar that we decided grapes deserved a chance too. We did these as a quick pickle, so the grapes are ready for eating a short time after combining everything. For these we halved a small bunch of grapes and combined them in a jar with a few bay leaves, a pinch of whole cloves, sugar, white wine vinegar and peppercorns (see recipe card for details). These make a great snack on their own, they’re a great addition most sandwiches, and they add quite a bit to different snacks.
We did: a nice crusty sliced bread, ricotta + these peppery tangy grapes. We promise this is one your guests will not have tried before, and if you make your pickles the day before it couldn’t be easier to put together ! We’re loving this for summer cocktails in the backyard.


Pickled Grapes

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
bay leaves

combine all ingredients over low heat until sugar is dissolved, pour over grapes

  1. ariel says: May 26, 201110:55 am

    how much sugar? Recipe card doesn’t say

  2. Eusebio Robles says: May 26, 201110:59 am


  3. admin says: May 26, 201111:01 am

    sorry ariel – 1/2 cup – just updated the card too.

  4. ariel says: May 26, 201111:02 am

    Thanks!!! Can’t wait to try this weekend with family

  5. Kelly says: May 26, 201111:04 am

    I adore the look of them in a jar. You could make them for a dinner party and they could double both as a centerpiece and an appetizer. I agree with you, I’m having the same feelings toward grapes lately. In fact, because it’s been cold here I just roasted them with chicken the other day.

  6. Ana says: May 26, 201112:02 pm

    Looks and sounds like pure perfection.

  7. Nicole Franzen says: May 26, 20118:21 pm

    that looks and sounds fab. I must try!

  8. Hanna says: May 27, 20115:25 am

    Wonderful pictures! And I really have to try this, seems like the perfect nibble with a summery drink in hand.

  9. tiger in a jar says: May 27, 201112:37 pm

    this treat looks delicious and those sandwiches? adorable – and tasty!

  10. Yo says: May 30, 20119:10 am

    What a beautiful blog!!

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  12. shellie says: June 10, 201111:10 pm

    i made these and they were awesome.

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  16. lyndsay says: October 3, 20116:45 pm

    Amazing. So glad I happened upon your utterly beautiful blog… cannot wait to try out some of your recipes! I am dying at how beautiful all the photos and styling are on your blog!


  17. shad says: November 3, 201111:08 pm

    gorgeous! How much grapes required for that ratio of other ingredients on the recipe card and how many crostini will that make?


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  20. Michael says: June 19, 201212:31 am

    Lovely! But how long do you suggest keeping them for?

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