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Part 2 of our Trad Home story will be featured this week- if you haven’t seen the collaboration between trad Home and Lonny Magazine, have a look. For this story we wanted to give an easy refreshing summer drink: Rose Water + Mint. For both Sunday Suppers and in our homes, we like to offer our guests a drink when they walk in the door. This allows everyone to relax and mingle for a bit before we get our lesson going. Are roses edible you might ask ? Yes! if they are organic and pesticide free – so just check with your local market or florist.

For a tiny carafe like ours we combined 2 cups of cool water, a quarter teaspoon of Rosewater, two sprigs of Mint, and a few rose petals. This can obviously be doubled or tripled depending on your vessel.

Credits/Sourcing Guide
Photography + Styling  :: Karen Mordechai
Styling Assistant + Writing :: Lizzy Sall
Carafe, Glassware and Spoons :: Canvas

Rose Water + Mint

2 Cups Cool Water
1/4 tsp Rosewater
2 Sprigs Mint
A few Rose Petals for garnish

  1. Mandy @ Withmilkandflour says: June 27, 20113:41 pm

    The pale pink rose petals look beautiful. In total awe of these stunning photos!

  2. Kristy Lynn@ Gastronomical Sovereignty says: June 27, 20115:39 pm

    I wonder what you could do with some soda and vodka? Or high quality gin? I’ll bet this would be amazing

  3. Elizabeth says: June 27, 201111:15 pm

    Those are some of the most beautiful food photos I’ve ever seen –

  4. Elenore Bendel Zahn says: June 29, 20114:27 pm

    I too love using rose petals and usually put them on top of raw chocolate, divine! I will try this drink tomorrow:)

  5. claypotclub says: June 29, 201111:51 pm

    Two of my favorite flavors together in the same water! I’ll definitely try it.

  6. Sanjeeta kk says: July 3, 20111:13 am

    I love mint lemonades and adding these rose petals to my drink is a fantastic idea!

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  8. A Hint says: July 7, 20111:42 pm

    What a lovely beverage to have while reading a Jane Austen novel!

  9. Amanda@Easy Peasy Organic says: July 8, 20114:46 pm

    How elegant! Perfect for fairy princess tea parties for my little one :)

  10. cara says: July 11, 20116:10 am

    delicious! you take some beautiful snaps :)

  11. McKenzie Powell says: July 13, 20119:09 pm

    so pretty. and those gold spoons are so perfect.

  12. Malorie @ The Chic Geek says: July 14, 20114:20 pm

    These photos are absolutely lovely!

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  14. Laura Plumb says: July 20, 20115:02 pm

    The beauty of these photos takes my breath away. What an exquisite way to ease into summer’s Grace. Thank you ~

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  16. alexis says: August 3, 20118:34 am

    absolutely stunning! I can’t begin to tell you how much I like rose water. I added a splash of it to white chai the other day and then to a glass of water infused with lavender and rosemary. Have you ever used orange blossom water?

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  20. Anna says: September 8, 20115:45 pm

    Fantastic fotos!

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  25. Lady Slim Funciona says: August 2, 20133:13 pm

    That’s so elegant! I wish I could drink that every day! lol

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