Grilled Pizza :: Spain

The key to these pizzas is choosing wonderful ingredients – manchego, figs serrano ham and arugula…when they are all combined the result is fantastic. See recipe card below for full details.

Grilled Pizza :: Manchego, Figs, Serrano Ham, Arugula

5 oz Manchego Cheese
6-8 Thin paper thin slices of Serrano Ham. an old fashioned Berkel slicer is best.
2-3 fresh ripe figs cut into quarters.
Fresh Arugula

Follow grilled Pizza Technique, add toppings and garnish with Arugula.

  1. Nicole Franzen says: October 7, 20109:35 am

    Looks divine! I just made a recipe with figs.. love them

  2. Lizelle says: January 8, 201112:28 am

    One of my favorite foursomes. Delicious.

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